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Blog | Fiberglass pools vs. Gunite pools, how do I choose?

Being a gunite swimming pool builder it is sometimes hard to be objective when comparing to a fiberglass pool. But here are a few facts to look at.


  gunite pool                                                                         fiberglass

Cost to install         More by about 25%                                                      

Cost for chemicals      More by about 15%

Limitation of size                 No                          length and width due to moving vessel

Limitation of depth              No                            same as above, deepest ones are 8.5'

Limitation of shape              No                     Limited to manufacturer of shell 15-20 shapes

Limitation of water features   No                      Weight limitations due to shell thickness

Ease of installation                                                          quicker by weeks

Maintenance                                                     cleans up easier due to smoothness

Customizable                       Yes

Interior finish                                                                       smoother

Structurally superior              Yes

Perceived as superior            Yes

Return on investment ROI     Best

So in short some times a fiberglass pool makes sense and sometimes a gunite pool is the better choice. In the long run it will depend on your budget and style of pool you want.

Good luck on your quest for an awsome pool!

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