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Blog | Gunite pool construction, a pool is a pool? Right? Wrong!

Gunite swimming pool construction like many things can vary greatly. Just like when building homes there is a wide range of ways builders build homes and a wide range of level of quality. No matter what part of the country you live in no two pool builders build their pools the same. Instead of writing a book here on pool construction I will focus on a few things to consider that go hand in hand with construction.

In our market we build the best pool period. What we don't do is build the fastest pool or the cheapest pool. If people bought swimming pools based on the highest level of quality with the best equipment we would sell every pool we presented! But unfortunately people don't buy pools that way and we don't sell every pool. Usually people buy pools based on what they glean from interviewing pool builders during the bidding process. The problem with this approach is you can not get enough information to really learn anything. I know many of you reading this will think otherwise. I have seen it happen a thousand times and it still never ceases to amaze me.

If you are still with me here is some real food for thought. What if you were arrested and charged with a crime? Would you call a bunch of lawyers and ask them what their monthly special is or what their rate is? Or would you hire the best lawyer money could buy? If your motor in your car blew up would you try to learn how to rebuild it by calling a bunch of mechanics? What if you were stricken with a illness would you find the cheapest doctor you could get. I doubt it.

Many of you are probably thinking I am comparing pool building to practicing law or being a Doctor. No. If you think that you missed my point entirely. The point is you are not ever ever ever going to learn 1/100th of the knowledge we have gained in 30 years in business. Just as I am not going to learn what an lawyer knows by talking to a few of them or what a professional Doctor knows by interviewing them. A Doctor or a Lawyer is smarter than me in their profession, but not in mine. There are good knowledgeable pool builders all over the country, you can find one if you look. Generally speaking in every market area there are at least two good ones.

We have built pools for customers that were well over $400,000.00 without them getting any bids. We have built pools for $30,000.00 for people that got five bids. The thing is it doesn't matter if you get no bids or ten bids the price does not change when you are dealing with a professional pool builder. So don't go for a me too builder, look for a builder you can trust to look out for your best interests.

Take the time to interview a few pool builders. Check out some of their work and talk to a few of their previous customers. Use your gut feeling it is right more often than wrong. If their website is lacking basic information save yourself time and call the guy that has detailed information on his website. I wish you good luck on your project and if you are in our area please stop by and see us.

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