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Blog | How much does a gunite pool cost?

This is a question I am asked almost every time a person asks me what my profession is. How much does a gunite pool cost? The answer is it varies a lot. Just as in homes, cars, furniture, electronics and various other items there is a wide range of prices. Just think of this question "How much is a house?" I don't know I have seen them advertised in my news paper for $25,000.00 and $8,000,000.00, so I know there is a huge range. Pools are similar we build pools for as low as the mid 30's to over half a million dollars. I am not talking about commercial pools but backyard residential pools.

The factors that drives pool cost are size, depth, decking size and type, amenities(spas, water features, arbors etc.), quality of materials, utilities and property access and slope. You could build the exact same pool in two different yards and have a $5,000.00 difference or more.

The changing of materials is a huge factor in costs. In the example above if these two pools had different pool interiors. That could be a significant difference. If one was finished with plaster and the other had an all tiled interior, that could be a difference of as much as the cost of the pool.

Pool size is also is a consideration. A pool that is 15' x 30' will cost 30% less than a pool that is 18' x 36'. Pool depth also makes a difference. Let's say you and your neighbor both have pools built that are roughly the same size. The only difference is yours is 6' deep and theirs is 8.5' deep with a diving board. The cost difference will be at least 10% more for the deeper pool.

Pool cleaners also have a wide range of costs. If you have an in-floor system installed vs. a robotic type cleaner. That will be a several thousand dollar difference.

So the answer is, you can build an in ground pool for $30,000.00 or one the exact same size and depth for $60,000.00. There are just too many factors to have a menu of prices like a restaurant does.

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