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Blog | In-floor pool circulation systems, why you need one.

In-floor circulation systems are the logical way to circulate your swimming pool. At the bottom of this post is a link to a previous post about in-floor systems.

This article is to help clarify the last one. I guess I tried to sugar coat it before. So here it is in plain English.

If you are in the process of interviewing pool contractors for a new pool and they say in-floor systems don't work. Then they are lying to you or they just don't know what they are talking about.

The area we build pools in is no different than any other area in the country when it comes pool circulation.  The pool builders that say in-floor cleaners don't work say so because they don't want to waste there time for the small profit margin an in-floor system has built into it. That is the real truth.

We have a different approach to in-floor cleaners. We feel they are what is best for the customer. So we always promote the benefits of them. If you look at the logic behind in-floor systems you can see the benefits.

First think of how you warm any liquid in cooking. You put it on a stove top and heat if from the bottom up right? If that was not the logical way and most economical way to do it someone would have come up with a portable blow torch that shoots down on your pots on the stove. This is the same with in-floor systems the hot water from the pool heater is returned to the pool from the cleaning heads in the floor of the pool. This saves you at least 40% on your heating costs.

Second in-floor systems have another benefit. Due to the fact that there are a lot more cleaning heads compared to returns in a standard pool. The water is circulated more effectively. Thereby dispersing the sanitizer more evenly. Which means you use less, another money saver. The last benefit is the circulation is so much more superior to traditional pool circulation that the pump is run less hours per day.

So if you want a superior, low maintenance swimming pool research in-floor cleaners and don't listen to pool builders that say "they don't work".

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