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Blog | Lighting makes a pool takes on a whole different feel at night.

Many people when having a pool constructed do not think about anything else except swimming and playing. The fact of the matter is no matter how much you use your pool you will spend many many more hours looking at it. So it is important to look at the overall scope of the project.

What we are addressing in this article today is about lighting in the pool and yard. When we first started our company 30 years ago just about every pool we built and every pool we saw had one light. It is rare now for us to build a pool with just two lights in it. Many have three or four. As the pool industry has changed more builders have changed also. More pool lights light the pool better. Especially if the pool is large or has a lot of curves. The placement of the lights are also of importance. Always try to have the lights point away from the house. By doing this you will avoid the headlight effect of the lights shining in your face. If you build a spa with your pool you will want a light in it also. Additional lighting can be costly but it is worth the investment in the end.

On the subject of pool lighting. There are options available as to type of lights available. Pools in our market are required to have low voltage lights (12v). But you can get L.E.D. light instead of the incandescent type. These lights can save up to 60% in operating costs. They come in plain white or multi-colored. These lights cost more up front than the standard ones, but the pay back should off set the initial costs.

When you think about yard lighting. Think of your yard divided into different areas. You may want to have up-lights on feature trees or down-lights from tall trees that shine on items of interest in your yard. Pathways in your yard need lighting also. Also lighting in planting beds is a very good use of lighting. There are many low voltage systems that you can do yourself or if you like you can hire a professional.

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