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Blog | Pool plumbing size, why it matters!

Unfortunately one of the most overlooked components of a new pool project is the size of the plumbing. It is probably the most important aspect you should know about. The movement of the water to and from your swimming pool depends more on pipe size than pump size. You can put a larger pump on a pool with larger pipe but you can't put a larger pump on a pool with smaller pipe. The fact is that you would be better off with 2.5" plumbing and a 3/4 h.p. pump than 1.5" pipe and a 1.5 h.p. pump. This is due to the volume of water that flows through the larger pipes vs. the smaller ones.

If you had a swimming pool plumbed in 1.5" pipe and tried to put a 2 h.p. full rated pump on  it for circulation. You would actually put a stain on the pump due to the force of trying to move more water than the pipes are capable of moving. This is called cavitation which means that cavities or bubbles are forming in the pump. This causes several things to happen.

The bubbles collapse when they try to pass into the higher pressure area (pipe). This causes vibration, noise and potential damage to your pool equipment. You will also experience a drop in the pump's efficiency and the pump will not be able to achieve it's regular pressure.

Here is something to think about. Does a 1.5" pipe move 1/2 as much water as a 3" pipe? Logically 1.5" x 2 = 3 right so it must be right? No in fact a 3" pipe move 275 gpm vs. 85 gpm for the 1.5" or over three times the amount!

So when it comes to choosing a pool builder you may want to pay a little extra for the builder using the proper size plumbing.

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