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Blog | Pool safety, what you should know!

Talk to just about anyone you meet about a swimming pool and the first thing they think about is fun. Pools are fun and we want your pool experience to stay that way. So please read this article and keep it in mind when you are at a pool. These simple ideas may save someone else's life or yours.

Swimming pool safety encompasses many different aspects. One thing that should be obvious to everyone but sometimes isn't is swimming with a buddy. The buddy system means that you only swim when you have a buddy with you. This means that at no time is anyone allowed to swim by themselves. Many times when this is talked about people think this is directed toward children. The fact is that no one should ever swim alone not even adults. It only takes a slight mishap with no one around to help to have a catastrophic outcome. Even people that go out to lay by the pool should not do it alone. If you think about it how often when laying out in the sun do you get over heated and jump in the pool to cool off? If you should even have a fainting spell due to excess heat. You will be in big trouble if you are alone in a pool.

It is also highly recommended that you learn CPR. If an accident should occur knowing CPR may save a life. You can goggle CPR and find classes that you can sign up for. It is better to be prepared for something that you may never need to know. Than to need the knowledge and not be prepared for something that does happen. Here is a link to the American Red Cross.

Another simple idea that is sometimes not though of is glass ware at pool side. The problem with glass ware at pool side is if it is broken. It can be very hard to find all the chards of broken glass. Especially if it shatters and some of it lands in the pool. This can be dangerous to people in the pool. They could step on a chard and get a bad cut on their foot. Or they could get a piece of glass in their eye. So always use plastic cups and paper plates at the pool.

The last thing that needs addressed is access to the pool area. If you have children or grandchildren. It is necessary to install a secondary latch to your outside access doors. This latch by most city codes should be 54" from the floor to the latch. This can keep small children out of the pool area. Also outside entries such as gates that access the backyard. Need to be self closing and self latching. They also should be locked when no one is in the pool area.

This information is posted here to keep you and your family safe. So please enjoy your swimming pool time, just be aware and you will stay safe.

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