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Blog | The pool "bidding" process and what to look out for.

Most people when faced with a large purchase such as an automobile, house or swimming pool get bids from different companies. As we have talked about in past articles unless you are looking at the exact same item then you are getting estimates.

You are probably asking yourself what's the difference? Bidding implies that all the quotes are being done from a set of plans and specifications that all companies are working off of. Estimates are various quotes from different plans and specifications. Due to the fact that this is a pool blog. We will talk in terms of swimming pools from here forward.

Let's look at bidding first. To get actual bids on a swimming pool you first need a set of plans. The reason for this is with a plan you are at least getting quotes for the exact same size pool and decking. To really get accurate bids you also need specifications as to how the pool will be built. In the area we work in there are around 50 companies building gunite pools and unfortunately none of them are building to the exact same standards. You see the pool industry is largely not policed by any outside associations. Many pool builders just build pools as they were taught no matter if it is right or not. High quality pool companies have personnel that are trained in pool construction. This is where specifications come in handy. If a pool builder has done something the wrong way since he started building pools proper specs will call for it to be done the correct way. Specifications assure that your bids will be for doing the exact same work. These specs will call out where componets are to be located, how they are to be done and quality of materials to be used.

With estimates if you ask four pool companies to come to your home and give you an estimate. You will end up with four different designs of various sizes and usually with no specs! So this is why these are estimates, these companies are estimating what it will cost to build their pool in your yard. Due to the fact that we have been in the pool business for so long I know this is how it is done. Often times the deciding factor then is the price. This is usually not the best factor to go by when buying a pool. Out of these four fictional companies maybe one is doing a turn key job. Maybe one is not doing the electrical work. Maybe one is not doing the gas to the heater. There are just to many factors to cover in an estimate situation. This is why you need  plans and specs so it is not guess work.

You as a homeowner should consider this information carefully. As you help yourself you will also help a good pool builder and increase the possibility that you will be able to tell who the best builder is. 

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