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Blog | Thoughts on choosing a pool shape for your design.

We have probably designed five thousand pools over our 31 year history. But have only built a little over 1000 pools. For those of you wondering why we designed so many pools but built so few. First it is due to the fact we don't sell every pool we design and second we also design pools for clients that are not in our building area.

One of the first things that we are told or asked when meeting with a client for the first time is what shape of pool they want. Some clients have an idea what they want / like. Some have an idea what they don't want and some have no idea or vision of what they want. That is where an experienced pool designer comes in handy. They can guide you in the right direction to design a pool that will compliment your home and yard.

Often homeowners we meet with have a personal preference on the shape of pool they want. Usually the shape they desire can be incorporated to some degree into their design. Some people like clean straight lines and others like curved or free form shaped pools. Some even like a combination of straight and curved. The point is you should like the pool design on paper or you won't like it when its setting in your backyard.

The shapes of pools has changed dramatically since we started building pools. Back in the early days we built a lot of rectangles and kidney shaped pools. Then later free form pools became real popular with boulders and a grotto. Now straight line pools are again becoming more popular than curved pools. The bottom line is a properly designed swimming pool plan will look great no matter what the shape of it is. As long as it accents the design of your home and landscaping.

In the end your personal preference will help guide your pool designer. It may not always though. So don't be surprised if a designer with a vision comes back with a design that looks nothing like you thought you wanted but you find you actually love it!

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