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Blog | What are G.F.R.C. Waterfalls

G.F.R.C. stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. It is a mixture of Concrete (cement), glass fibers, Polymers and water. It can be mixed in a wheelbarrow or a bucket depending on how much material you need. Sometimes this mixture is made into panels and sometimes it is applied directly to a metal frame with metal lathe attached to it. The panel method uses panels that are made from molds. These molds are made with a liquid rubber material that is applied to actual rock faces that are found on sides of hills or mountains. Basically you take the mixed material and apply it to the mold and let it dry over night.  Then it is removed from the mold the next morning.  Then these panels are attached to a metal frame that has been wrapped in rebar.  The rebar is used to have a place to attach the panels. Once all of the panels are attached the seams are closed with a similar G.F.R.C. material. Then the structure is colored and sealed. The above sample picture is a G.F.R.C. structure made with panels. The benefit of this method is the ability to have huge overhangs. If this were attempted with real boulders it would collapse due to the extreme weight.   

Another way G.F.R.C. is done is the pour in place and stamp on site method. This method is similar in that you still need the metal structure with rebar. But you also need metal lathe to cover over the entire structure. This is done so as the material is poured in place it will not fall through to the ground below. As the G.F.R.C. material is poured over the structure it is stamped with a rubber stamp similar to the one used in the panel method. Only it is much smaller. Once all of the material has been applied and stamped it too is colored and sealed.

These two methods are both good for making rock structures. Usually we use both methods on every job we do. I hope this helps you understand what G.F.R.C. is and how it is used around swimming pools.  

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