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Blog | What are the phases of building an inground pool?

Depending on the type of construction and scale of the project the different phases will vary. We will be writing about Gunite pools, because that is what we build. So with that in mind here is a breakdown of how a pool is built.

After you have selected a pool builder and secured a building permit. The first step is to layout the pool on the ground. This is done by using a pool plan that has layout dimensions. Stakes are  driven into the ground at radius points and corners. It is painted on the ground. Then after it is painted on the ground, check that it doesn't encroach any easements. Next the elevation is established. This is the height that the pool will finish at. After elevation has been established the pool is formed for excavation. Depending on the shape it is formed with lumber for straight line pools or Masonite (flexible) for curved pools.

At this point the excavation process starts. The pool is excavated usually one foot deeper than you want the finished depth to be. After excavation the pool is stub plumbed or in some cases it is plumbed totally. A gravel base is spread over the entire floor of the pool. Then a rebar cage is installed, this is the skeleton of the structure. You can look at the example picture above. It will need to be inspected by the city inspector before gunite is installed. The next phase is installing the gunite. Then the tile is installed at the water line. After the tile the yard is graded for decking to be set up. similar to the pool layout the deck is painted on the ground for the owners approval. Then it is formed and gets an inspection from the city. Our next phase is pouring the decking. It is poured and troweledto match whatever finish you chose. Usually after this process there is a final clean up of the yard. The pool equipment is set on the filter pad that was poured at deck pour. All connections are made to the pool equipment. The pool interior is cleaned and fittings set. At this time a walk through with the customer is scheduled to make sure everything agreed to has been completed. You are now ready for the final phase, plaster. The pools interior is the last step. Once it is completed the pool is filled with water. Then when it is full the equipment is started up and the chemicals are added.

So here is a recap:
◾Deck set up
◾Deck pour
◾Yard grade and clean up
◾Clean pool and set fittings
◾Walk thru with customer
◾Fill pool
◾Start up pool
◾Balance chemicals
◾Final inspection

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