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Blog | Where to place your pool equipment.

The location of your swimming pool equipment is very important in regard to the pool location. The first thing to keep in mind is that the closer the pool equipment is to the pool the more efficient it will be. This is due to the fact that the less distance the water has to travel the better. Especially if you are running your pool heater in the winter months. The further the heated water travels the greater the loss of heat retuning back to your pool or spa.

Another factor to consider is the relative height of the equipment vs. the height of the pool. You will always want the pool equipment to be the same level as the pool or lower. The same elevation is best. Then the equipment lower than the pool would be the second choice. Placing the equipment higher than the pool is never a good idea.

Placing it higher than the pool. The pumps will be hard to prime (create suction) and also will tend to cavitate. Cavitation happens when bubbles form and then implode in water. It occurs when water is subjected to rapid changes in pressure. This can cause excessive wear on pump parts.

If your pool project requires the pool equipment to be lower than your pool. Then you will need to install a freeze pit. Of couse I am talking about climates such as mine (Oklahoma). If you live in Southern regions of the country where freezing is not an issue. Then you will not need a freeze pit.

A freeze pit is in effect a vault built in front of the equipment that has an extra set of valves with pit cocks. These vales are shut off to winterize the equipment and the pit cocks are opened to drain the water from above these lower valves. This allows the pool equipment to be drained without the pool water flooding back down through the equipment.

So remember if possible your best and easiest pool equipment placement is at the same level as your swimming pool.

Good luck on your pool project.

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