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Blog | How to choose a pool builder.

When choosing a pool builder there are a few things you need to know. First all pool builders are not the same. Second all pool builders don't build their pools the same. Third all pool builders don't build the same quantity of pools as each other. Fourth all pool builders don't have the same amount of projects going as each other. If you are still with me you are probably asking yourself, "So what, who cares?"

Well here is a breakdown of why these questions matter. The first thing to think about comparing pool builders is they are only as good as their ethics, knowledge and skill level. Just as in home building or car building. Many builders want to finish there jobs as fast as possible. Many want to build as many pools as possible. Many want to save as much money as possible on each job to maximize profits.

When most families decide they want to have a swimming pool built they call 3 or 4 "pool builders" and ask for a "bid". The reason for this is they are not familiar with pools and try to "learn" how it's done. The problem with this approach is pool are built with varying levels of material and workmanship. Without everyone using the same plan with specifications you end up looking at a bunch of different plans with different equipment and a wide range in pricing. This usually ends up being a little confusing when all the "bids" come back. So don't throw out the highest bidder without really comparing what is included in each bid.

The last point I am making you may be thinking this guy made a typo. No I mean Quantity not Quality. A pool builder that builds 25-40 pools a season vs. one that builds 65-100 is not the same. The more pools you build goes into our last point. How many projects do they have going at the same time? We all have the same amount of time per season to build so if Pool company "A" builds 35 pools and company "B" builds 65 pools. Then logically company "B" has more projects going at the same time, almost twice as many. So which company has better focus on their projects then? Company "A" I would say.

This is in fact not how it is. In just about every market in the U.S.A. there is at least one pool builder that is looking out for your best interest. These builders are often referred to as "up scale" builders. In fact they are "up quality" builders. We are that builder in our area and we recommend you seek that builder out in your area.

The fact of the matter is you may pay $54,000.00 for a pool from an "up quality" builder vs. $48,500.00 from a "quantity" builder and actually save money! Just be sure you know what you are getting before you sign on the dotted line.

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