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Blog | Pool Filtration vs. Pool Sanitation

New pool owners sometimes are confused as to what a filter actually does. A swimming pool filter removes dirt and other suspended particles in the water, but does not sanitize the pool. A filter does nothing without a pump to move the water from the pool through the filter and back to the pool. The pump is connected to the filter with PVC pipe that is connected to the pool. It creates a suction that moves the water through the filter. The filter then traps the particles of dirt and lets the clean water return to the pool.
There are three types of filters used on swimming pools. The most common and also least effective is the sand filter. Sand filters only filter out particles down to around 20-40 microns. Then there are cartridge filters. They filter down to around 10-15 microns. The best and most efficient filter is the Diatomaceous Earth filter or commonly known as D.E. This filter filters to around 3-5 microns. It is more expensive than the other filters, but is worth the money for people who want a sparkling clean pool. At a minimum, the system should turnover the total volume of water in your pool two to four times in a 24 hour period.
The other aspect of clean water is the sanitation aspect. Pool water must be sanitized and chemically balanced for clear water. We will go over sanitation in a future blog.

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